About Chairman Message

I welcome you to the family of SGR Technical and Educational Society, primarily established with a mission to instill originality in the learning minds and impart strength and efficiency, by giving quality based education. Situated in Bengaluru, our institutions strive to equip the student with the most excellent academic proficiency so that he/she may function with clarity and efficiency and have a progressive outlook in the modern world. One of our main tasks is to stimulate the students to exercise their intelligence through the dynamics of self learning and understanding and guide them to succeed, excel and lead the society. .


Bengaluru has the pride of having world-renowned institutions like the Indian Institute of Science, Indian Institute of Management, Indian Institute of Information Technology, and the Institute of Bioinformatics and Applied Biotechnology. Thus the standard of education at SGR Technical and Educational Society is set high and rising rapidly to meet the standards of these world-renowned institutions.Education in our institutions is delivered by professional academicians who motivate students to improve their skills and creativity with the support of innovative selective methods and to pursue excellence constantly. We provide a world-class education to our students and produce professionals who can serve and lead society and bring perfection in its entirety. Also providing the best environment for the overall development of students and preservation of strong moral and traditional values of our Indian culture.The whole purpose of education is to turn mirrors into windows. and SGR Technical and Educational Society takes pride in opening windows of opportunities for young people as they transition through their educational endeavors from high school to college, and college to graduate school, graduate school to post graduate, careers, and beyond.

Dr. Syamala Reddy
Chairperson, SGR Instititutions.