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During the challenging times of 70's ,80's and early 90's of the last century, India has been facing the problem of illiteracy, population explosion, negative growth, global warming and deep economic recession. By and large it is a result of all pervading ignorance in the society and shortage of good educational institutions that was needed to gear up for local as well as global requirements. Unfortunately, we as a society have shied away from taking tough decisions and hence we have failed to inspire young generation to grapple with formidable challenges of the present and the future times. The advent of Economic reforms in the Indian Markets and service sector suddenly saw an economic growth that the country had never seen before and was found wanting in supply of educated and qualified manpower.

Our founder S.G.Reddy being a Technocrat and Visionary had started S.G.Reddy Polytechnic under the Umbrella of SGR INSTITUIONS to provide quality and affordable education in the field of Technology and Science.He believed that the tools with which we attempt to solve the problems remain old and obsolete and must be replaced with new and the state-of-the-art problem solving tools. Human values upon which our success depends remain unchanged since times immemorial. These are the age old virtues of hard work, honesty, courage, tolerance, creativity, self-discipline & self-abnegation. Standing on the bed rock of these ideals, moral principles and stellar human values, SGR INSTITUTIONS is here for a social transformation that will come with technological and scientific innovations based on creativity and commonsense. He also realized that the challenge in education today is not only about choosing between new and old methodologies and institutions, but also about choosing quality education which nurtures creativity, helps develop a healthy mind, encourages positive thinking and dynamism. It was his firm belief that education finally leads to a higher level of awareness , societal commitment, resource utilization, lab to land transfer of knowledge and creation of better and diverse career opportunities for students and scholars.

S.G. REDDY POLYTECHNIC is a modern workplace where a dynamic environment is created to exchange ideas and thoughts and believes that rational judgments replace old ideas and beliefs., and much more. Students come here to share the Vision & Mission of Institution. We motivate them to develop professional skills which help them grow into global citizens without compromising with their cultural and religious ethos. Our Institution nurtures a stimulating environment of higher learning for intellectual, moral and physical development of students. They are apprised and enlightened on matters of major global concern which are generally expected from the developed world and we are happy to be an exception to this. Through innovative methodologies we try to ensure that everyone associated with Institution contributes to the idea of inclusive growth and dissemination of knowledge in society.

I as the Chairperson of the Institution extend a very warm welcome to our staff and other stake holders across and urge them to make every effort to empower students with latest in knowledge and technique. I am sure that we shall become "The CHANGE" that we wish to see in the world.

At SGR INSTITUTIONS, we remain committed to the future of humanity and swear to choose hope over doom and higher goals over present day norms of mediocrity.I wish a very bright future for everyone associated with this Mission "BE THE CHANGE", first of all for ourselves, and then those of our fellow beings, for the betterment of the society.

With Warm Regards,

  • We will strive to maintain an excellent reputation for the highest quality of study and research, for academic excellence, and for the quality of our alumni.

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