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  Prosthodontics and Crown Bridge  

Prosthodontics deals with the diagnosis, treatment planning, rehabilitation and maintenance of the oral function, comfort, appearance and health of patients with clinical conditions associated with missing or deficient teeth and/or oral and maxillofacial tissues using biocompatible substitutes.

The curriculum is designed such that students go through simulation and bench courses to learn the fundamental skills, and then evolve to more complex cases in the Prosthodontic clinics. Courses are evaluated and updated annually for contents and are augmented with technology to teach the latest techniques in Prosthodontics with comprehensive treatment planning in all aspects of prosthodontic care including Implant Dentistry, Occlusion and Aesthetics. The department is involved in a lot of research activity in collaboration with other scientific centers.

A blend of medicine and dentistry is achieved with emphasis on contemporary role of the dentist in a health care environment where an integration of patient's overall health status with dental health is a must. The department of Oral and Maxillofacial Radiology aims at imparting the knowledge and skills among the students with vigorous training in performance and interpretation of radiographs of interest in oral and maxillofacial region. The department is actively involved in the research programs and publications in various national and international journals representing the keen interest of the department in expansion of the breadth and depth of dental medicine and radiology.


  • Dr.Rupali Kamath- Head of the department.
  • Dr.Sarandha D.L- Professor
  • Dr.Sharon Colaw Dias-Reader
  • Dr.SAN Mahidar-Reader
  • Dr.Ashok.K-Senior Lecturer
  • Dr.Syed Javad Saleem-Senior Lecturer

Post Graduate Students

      1. Dr.Ruchi Shreshtha (3rd year)
      2. Dr.Anju Thomas (3rd year)
      3. Dr.Navin Kumar Sahu(2nd year)
      4. Dr.Deepti Patil(2nd year)
      5. Dr.Himaja Nadimpalli(1st year)
      6. Dr.Sangey Chotten Megeii(1st year)

The department has separate Clinical areas for UG & PG students and a modern fully equipped Pre- Clinical Laboratory &  Ceramo-metal Laboratory. Some special equipment  available in the department are Alginate mixer, Semiadjustable & Fully adjustable articulators, Phantom heads @ Manikins for preclinical training,  Autoclave, Casting Machines, Ceramic furnace, Dental Lathes, Pre-heating furnaces, Sand Blaster, Lab Micromotors, Duplicating unit, Electropolishing units, Model Trimmers, Polymerization unit, vibrators, Vacuum Mixers,  Flexible Resin Pressing Unit, Ultrasonic cleaners & Scaler.
The department has a well equipped Library with text books, Journals, educational charts, demonstration CD's, display models, educational cassettes, chapter wise question bank, previous years question papers & multiple choice question bank. The dept. has computer, broadband services & WiFi facilities. The department conducts social service & community extension activities.


  • Dr. Aatish Shah Dilip - Best Paper award (Second Place) Shortened dental arch“ 14th IPS P.G Convention (Mangalore).
  • Dr. Aatish Shah Dilip - Best Table Clinic Award (Competitive Category) Anterior Deprogrammers made easy  - 41st IPS Conference (Chennai).


  1. Dr.Ruchi Shreshtha- Evaluation of quality of impression using magic foam retraction cord & single cord retraction system in 40 abutment tooth-A Clinical study.
  2. Dr.Anju Thomas- To compare the wettability of heat cure denture base material to visible light cure denture base material using saliva, saliva substitute & distilled water.
  3. Dr.Navin Kumar Sahu-An invitro study to evaluate & compare the effect of commonly used denture cleansers on the colour stability of three different types of denture base resins.
  4. Dr.Deepti Patil-An invitro study of comparison of flexural strength & colour stability of two different provisional restorative material with & without glass beads.
  5. Dr.Kanika Manral- An invitro study to compare the compressive strength of two denture relining materials after immersion in artificial saliva & distilled water following thermocycling.
  6. Dr.Victory Ananthem- Invitro-to check for the shear bong strength between the acrylic teeth with denture base & acrylic teeth with flexible denture.
  1. Comparison of impact strength and fracture morphology of different heat cure denture base resins.- An Invitro Study - Dr. Praveen B
  2. Comparison of surface detail reproduction and dimensional accuracy of antimicrobial alginate to that of traditional alginate after immersion in disinfectant - Dr. Divya M.S
  3. Comparison of Stress Distribution around vertical and Angled abutments - Dr. Anand M.
  4. Effect of Off-Axis Loading on stress Distribution in Anterior maxillary implant with different bone density: Finite element Study - Dr. Gulab Chand Baid
  5. Effect of Buccal Groove Placement on retention of Fixed Prosthesis for teeth with compromised cervico-occlusal height - Dr. Bharti Agrawal
  6. Comparison of two different Implant Impression Techniques - An In-Vitro Study - Dr. Shantanu Mulay
  7. In-vitro study comparing the fitting accuracy and micro-leakage of aluminous oxide and Zirconia oxide ceramic coping fabricated  by copy milling technique - Dr. Aatish Shah Dilip
  8. Evaluation and comparison of dimensional accuracy of newly formulated vinyl polysiloxanether impression material with two different conventional elastomeric impression material using two different impression techniques after disinfection - Dr. Jayanthi Kumari
  9. An in-vitro comparative study evaluating the failure load of ceramic laminate veneer luted with resin cement on two different preparation designs - Dr. Bhavika Sachdeva
  10. A comparative evaluation of flexural strength and flexural modulus of polyamide (nylon) denture base material and compression moulded heat polymerized denture base material - An in-vitro study  - Dr. Snehal Vajani.

Dr. Rupali Kamath

  1. Advances in gingival retraction-International Journal of Clinical Dental Sciences (IJCDS) 2010; 2(1):64-67
  2. Clinical use of magnets in Prosthodontics- A Review - International Journal of Clinical Dental Sciences (IJCDS) 2011;2(2):10-13.

Dr. Sarandha D.L

  1. Textbook of Complete Denture Prosthodontics- Jaypee Publications
  2. Advances in gingival retraction-International Journal of Clinical Dental Sciences (IJCDS) 2010; 2(1):64-67
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  4. The Implant- Bone Interface: Biologic and biomechanical perspectives - Research and Reviews: A Journal of Dentistry (RRJOD) 2012, 2(3):1-16
  5. Periodontal consideration in relation to design of gingival aspect of pontic in fixed partial denture treatment“ Indian J Stomatol 2012;3(4):268-71.

Dr. Zina Raja

  1. The Implant- Bone Interface: Biologic and biomechanical perspectives - Research and Reviews: A Journal of Dentistry (RRJOD) 2012, 2(3):1-16
  2. Determination of border extension in custom made trays: A simple procedure“ JIPS 2001: 1(3); 46-47
  3. A clinical study on gingival retraction“ JIPS 2003: 3(3); 21-27
  4. An Invitro study on the relation between gingival sulcus width and flow of impression material“ JIPS 2003: 3(3) ; 30-32
  5. A survey on the use of retraction cords by the dental professional“ JIPS 2003: 3(3) ; 30-32
  6. Implants in maxillofacial prosthesis“ Its evolution and the emerging trends“ 6th Annual Conference of All Assam Dental Surgeons Association 2008.

Dr. Smitha Annie Thomas

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  2. Occlusal principles and considerations for the osseointegrated prosthesis - IOSR Journal of Dental and Medical Sciences (JDMS) 2013; 3(5), 47-54.
  3. Dental considerations for upper airway disorder patients - Annals and Essences of Dentistry (AED) 2013, Vol. V, Issue 1:43-48.
  4. Comparison of the dimensional accuracy and surface detail reproduction of different impression materials under dry and moist conditions“ An In-Vitro study - International Journal of Contemporary Dentistry (IJCD) 2012,3(2):47-55
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  6. Acetal resin- A quantum leap in Partial denture therapy: A Review - International Journal Of Clinical Dental Sciences (IJCDS) 2011,2(4)56-59.

Dr. Savitha P.N

  1. Acetal Resin as an aesthetic clasp material“ Journal of Interdisciplinary Dentistry 2012;2(1)11-14
Lecture and workshop on Maxillofacial Prosthesis with emphasis on Occular and Orbital prosthesis“ August 29th, 2009.


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