Spread over 7 acres of verdant landscape, owned wholly by SGR Technical and Educational Society, the college is located in Marathahalli, Bangalore with the infrastructure befitting a well-established modern dental institution
  Orthodontics and Dentofacial Orthopedics  

The Department of Orthodontics is well equipped with the latest infrastructure to provide quality treatment to all patients and the best of knowledge of the subject to all students. It offers excellent teaching and working experience to both its undergraduate students and its postgraduate students. The undergraduates are introduced to the department in their third year of studies, when they are given training in various wire bending exercises. In their final year they are introduced to the clinics and trained in diagnosing patients and treating cases with removable orthodontic appliances.

The department has an intake of two postgraduates every year and provides higher education in the subject of Orthodontics and Dentofacial Orthopaedics.


  • Dr. Saurabh Chaturvedi - Second prize in Quiz Competition.
  • Dr. Mohammed Musthafa - Third prize in E-poster presentation.
Department of Orthodontics is well equipped with dental chairs, autoclave, , biostar, hydro solder unit, hanging motor, heavy duty micro motor, light cure unit, , lathe, model trimmer, , polyclave, soldering torch, sand blaster unit, ultra sonic scaler, ultra sonic cleaner, spot welders, vapoclave, hot air sterilizer, Hanau articulator with face bow,digital SLR camera ,LCD projector , Over head projector ,computer Scanner with transparency (HP), computer & printer ,lateral cephalogram tracing software(ONYX)


  1. A Finite Element Study Of Effects Of Root Morphology On Stress Distribution At The Apex Under Various Orthodontic Loadings - Dr. Harsh Pandey
  2. Predicting Growth Status By Canine Calcification, Cervical Vertebrae And Hand Wrist Evaluation - Dr. Lavesh
  3. 3D Mechanical Environment On Tooth Movement - Dr. Vishal Seth
  4. Co-Relation Of Maxillary Canine Eruption And Skeletal Maturity In Different Vertical Skeletal Relationships In The South Bangalore Population.” - Dr. Prachi Pandis.
  5. Antero-Posterior Relationship Of Maxillary Central Incisors To The Forehead In Adult Indian Females Of South Bangalore Population.” - Dr. Saurabh Chaturvedi
  6. Co-Relationship Of Mandibular First Molar Sagittal Relationship With Lower Face Skeletal Components In South Bangalore Population - Dr. Nagarathna.K. N
  7. Evaluation Of Cortical Bone Thickness At Common Orthodontic Miniscrew Implant Placement Sites Using Cone Bone Computed Tomography - Dr. Uday N M
  8. Anchorage Effects Of Maxillary First Molar With Different Bone Levels To Orthodontic Tipping And Translatory Tooth Movements - Dr. Justin Kuriakose
  9. The Effect Of Alcoholic And Non-Alcoholic Mouthrinses On Force Decay Of Elastomeric Chain.- An Invitro Study - Dr. Deepti Govindan Kutty
  10. Evaluation of The Prediction Of Growth Status By Studying The Calcification Of Mandibular Second Molar, Cervical Vertebrae And Carpal Radiographs- A Comparative Study - Dr. Mohamed Musthafa.


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